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Working With Us

Our Promise to Prestige Guests

To Explore with Honor and Integrity

At Prestige Travel Concierge, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of service, dedicated to providing an unparalleled luxury experience for our esteemed guests. With honor and integrity as our guiding principles, we prioritize delivering exceptional travel services tailored to your unique preferences and desires.

We understand the value of your hard-earned time and resources, which is why we pledge to offer unbiased, expert advice and to maximize the utility of your investment. Respecting your individual needs and aspirations, we curate luxurious experiences that allow you to unwind and explore with ease.

We invite each of our guests to entrust us with their travel arrangements, confident in our concierge-level expertise. From the initial consultation to the final booking, we meticulously guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable journey that exceeds your expectations.

The Process

Request Complete new client intake form to request a new trip and pay the booking deposit using the "Pay Deposit Here" button located at the bottom of each page on this website. You can additionally schedule a quick over-the-phone or zoom consultation.

Quote Prestige Travel Concierge will create one to three trip options depending on the request.  

Book Once you have selected your trip, we will email you a credit card authorization form to complete your booking. You can opt in for us to retain your credit card for future payments by sending us an email requesting us to do so.

Making Payments On most vacations, a deposit is required and you will be able to pay as much or little as you would like up until the final payment date(varies by travel supplier). When you are ready to make a payment simply email us with your booking number and amount and we will send a credit card authorization form for that payment.

Travel Preparation A couple weeks prior to your departure, Prestige Travel Concierge will prepare your travel documents with helpful travel tips. 

Travel Time  At the time of your trip, you can depart with confidence knowing Prestige Travel Concierge offers stand-by assistance via Whats App.

Using an Agency Fun Facts

Travel agents are relationship experts. 


Seriously! Travel agents are experts at creating and fostering relationships with travel providers, tour operators, cruise lines, and more. This mastery of forming lasting relationships is the secret ingredient to getting the lowest rates and the best deals for clients. Additionally, many of these same companies will even pay their top agents to travel in order to experience firsthand their resorts, cruise ships, and tours. This way, we agents know we’re recommending the absolute best for our travelers.  

Travel agents are seasoned travelers. 

Travel agents are your personal links to travel providers, your custom-itinerary crafters, and your go-to for planning questions. But when it comes to advice, your travel agent has even more to offer! Most travel agents have been there, done that, and Prestige Travel Concierge is no exception. When you want to ask, “what’s the must-see?” chances are, we have the answer. (Especially if your destination is Cozumel--Scott’s favorite!)  

Travel agents will save you money. 


When it comes time to book your vacation, choosing any online booking engine comes with competitive pricing and a 800-number. They also offer tricky terms and conditions. When you choose Prestige Travel Concierge, you choose a small business who offers great rates on travel packages. We are your one trusted travel source who is available by phone, online, on chat, email, and what's app. We save you from buying "too much" or "not enough." We protect your hard earned vacation dollars to provide you with an excellent service that is valuable. 

Travel agents will save you time. 


Travel agents are able to save you big when it comes to travel, thanks to our exclusive relationships with travel providers. But did you know we save you even bigger when it comes to time? The average traveler will spend anywhere from 10–20 hours arranging their trip, and that’s only provided they aren’t being seriously meticulous about things. When you hand off your plans to the expert, you can cash in that extra time on what you really want to be doing; spending quality time with the people you’re getting ready to jet off with. In the meantime, we take care of everything from airfare to booking to every last detail in between.  

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