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Custom Travel Packages

What is a Custom Travel Package?

Not all bucket list travel dreams fit in a package. If you're considering traveling in the US, Europe, South America, Asia, or other top destinations such as these, you may need a custom vacation package. It's not that it's not possible -- it's that these destinations offer "a la carte" vacation plans.  We can include air tickets, hotel stays, transportation (car, bus, or rail), tours and activities, and travel protection in packages like this. Prestige Travel Concierge is a worldwide travel agency meaning we're well-versed in creating custom vacation plans to fit our guests needs. 

What to Expect

When heading to a US state, traveling to Europe, or other bucket list destination, we'll create an a la carte travel package to fit your needs. We work hard to understand you travel desires and create a plan to make the trip possible. Then we guide you through the reservation process and help you prepare for your trip. Understanding your destinations' currency and travel policies, knowing the top must-see sites, and the best ways to get around are just some of the tips we'll provide you with. During your trip, you'll travel to your destination prepared with where to go and what to do. Prestige Travel Concierge standys-by to assist our travelers via What's App. Exploring a destination with a custom package is the best travel option because it offers flexibility to accomplish your travel goals your way! 

Top Destinations

Vacation Options

US Destinations

The US offers every worldwide terrain possible. From canyons to islands to desserts to glaciers, we have it all. Let us help you plan the perfect US vacation. 

Travel Components

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  • Air tickets 

  • Transfers 

  • Accommodations

  • Tours & activities 

  • Travel Insurance

  • Private transportation
  • Meals
  • Spa appointments

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Trip Necessities


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